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My Message to CEO’s, Business Leaders, HR Managers

A new kind of citizen and consumer is emerging, much more aware of the global concerns on Sustainability. There is a growing consensus that the concept of "Responsible Business" has become an unstoppable Macro Trend, and Companies need to have their strategies very much aligned with what this new challenge brings. If you are comfortable with adhering to the NMC "Responsible Business Credo”, then I believe I can be of help raising its awareness within your organisation. Since this is a fairly new Trend, what I suggest is that I come and talk to your teams for a couple of hours. My interactive Talk session will include:

  • "Responsible Business" reaches far beyond Environmental concerns (ranging from Ethics to Local Communities, the way Employees are treated to Diversity, from Gender and Race discrimination to the way Suppliers treat their work forces).

  • What is the context and why did we come this far?

  • What is the real meaning of RB? Why is it important to be integrated in Corporate Strategies? 

  • Is there a clear Business Case for Action? What and How to Measure and Communicate?

  • What could be in it for your Company?

All topics to be illustrated with Case Studies of Success (and Failures). Nestle/Unilever/Coca Cola/Apple/Ford/Lego.

After the Talk, and only if you consider worthwhile “deepening” the knowledge to foster Action within your organisation, you could then consider running a two days’ Workshop that would go like this…

Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility

Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility

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  • Raise Awareness of this Macro Trend and engage the Organisation in internal discussions on how best to address the issue 


  • Two days

  • Conducted in either Portuguese, Spanish or English language


Target audience:

  • Suitable for any employee (holding either Junior or Senior positions) who the organisation considers important to deepen their knowledge on the subject and are able to help drive a "responsible Business" Agenda within the Company


What to Expect:

Key objective is to raise awareness of this Macro Trend so that your organisation can engage in internal discussions on how to integrate the notion of "responsible Business" in the Corporate Strategy

At the end of the Workshop, you'll be able to understand

  • The Context: “How did we get here”, Environment and Climate Change, “Much Beyond” Environment (Codes of Conduct/Human Rights/Gender Equality/Labour Conditions/Role of Suppliers/” Charities”), UN Global Compact, UN SDG

  • WHY: Definitions/Business Case for Action/From Philanthropy to Risk Management to Value Creation/Stakeholders Engagement. 

    • Cases: Unilever/Walmart

  • HOW: Management: Integrating RB into Corporate Strategy (Porter vs Chandler Model)/Competitive Advantage/Driving Change/Managing Risk and Reputation/Capital Markets and Sustainable Development

    • Cases: Bp/Nestlé/Apple/Coca Cola

  • RB Measurement and Communication: Is there evidence of Performance Improvement? /Sustainable Reporting/International Standards/Key Performance Indicators (from Dow Jones to Staff Surveys)/How to Communicate: The key link to Core Business

    •  Cases: Ford, Johnson&Johnson, Unilever, Black Rock

  • What’s in it for your Organisation? PURPOSE: What is the purpose of your Company? ISSUES: What are the most relevant social, ethical, and environmental issues to be addressed in the sector of activities in which your Company operates? STAKEHOLDERS: Who are the most relevant stakeholders to be considered? CSR: With your Core Business in mind, which are the type of Corporate Social Responsibilities activities that could be carried out? VALUE CREATION: Where is the Value Creation for the Company? How would it impact the bottom line?

  • An online Simulation Game (The Strategic CSR Simulation) will be run. It is an experiential-based simulation that uses both quantitative and qualitative metrics to develop and assess Responsible Management

Stand out from the crowd by participating in this workshop. Book a slot right now by clicking below 
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