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Leadership is at the core of any successful new venture and I truly believe that leaders are made, not born (See Leadership Credo). It is hard to gain Leadership discipline, but every day practice can develop anyone to become a great leader.

If you are about to, or in the process, of launching your Start Up and would like to have some guidance on how to become a better leader, I believe I can help you. I have more than 30 years’ experience in leading people (Senior and Junior from different cultures) and have been able to witness key Leadership practices that make all the difference. Furthermore, in the last decade, I have taught several Masters’ University Programmes and have been able to share with students “what Universities can’t teach you”, which I believe is crucial knowledge to start up any career or business.

My experience with Executives and Students helped me set up a four-hour Master Class where I cover issues like:

  1. Is the role of Emotional Intelligence more important than IQ?

  2. What makes a “Meritocracy”?

  3. The ability to Listen as Enabler and “Power Distance” as Preventer

  4. The importance of Cultural Awareness 

  5. What really drives Motivation?

  6. What are the key Practices of Leadership? Which will lead into a discussion on:

  • Values: 

    • Why is it important to clarify and declare my Values?

    • What do I really stand for?

    • How can I define a process to discuss our Values as a Team?

  • Vision

    • What defines an inspiring Vision?

    • How can I engage in a process to build a Vision together with my Team?

  • Challenge

    • Why is it important to continuously challenge myself? What do I need to do for that to happen?

    • How can I create a solid process for my Team to stay on top of “what is happening”?

  • Trust & Heart

    • What makes a trusting individual? How to build a Trustful environment within the Team?

    • Which are the actions that generate powerful or powerless team members?

    • How important is to recognise and reward individual and team performance?

    • What is a meaningful Recognition?

    • How can I create an environment where regular Celebration happens?”

Stand out from the crowd by participating in this workshop. Book a slot right now by clicking below 
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