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Workshop on Leadership in Action at Portway

Portway (owned by ANA, part of VINCI group), a well known and respected company in Portugal, responsible for the handling service at the key five portuguese airports, has defined, as a key priority, to develop Leadership skills for their most senior executives. It was a pleasure and a privilege to run my "Leadership in Action" two-days workshop with such an enthusiastic and engaging leadership team. The starting assumption was that there are no born-leaders, leaders are made through rigorous and disciplined practice, and building on that, we were able to debate which are the key Leadership practices. During a very interactive two-days workshop we covered issues like Values (Why is it important to clarify and declare my Values? What do I really stand for? How can I define a process to discuss our Values as a Team or as a Community?) Vision​ (What defines an inspiring Vision? How can I engage in a process to build a Vision together with my Team or My Community?) Innovation/Risk taking (Why is it important to continuously challenge myself? What do I need to do for that to happen? How can I create a solid process to stay on top of “what is happening”?) Trust & Heart (What makes a trusting individual? How to build a Trustful environment?Ø Which are the actions that generate powerful or powerless team members? What is a meaningful Recognition? How can I create an environment where regular Celebration happens?)

They were indeed two very inspiring days, we were all able to learn from each other, under the belief that becoming a great leader is in everybody's hands: it is all about practice, practice, practice.


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