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Workshop on Leadership in Action

If you are considering Training your Team on Leadership, and your vision of Leadership fits nicely with my Leadership Credo , then this workshop has been designed to help you. In a nutshell, I do not believe in “born leaders”, I believe leaders can be made, it is all about disciplined and guided practice.

Great Leaders:

  • Declare their own Values and Stand by them;

  • Inspire a Vision and Align their Teams around it

  • Are open to Challenge. And Listen, listen, listen

  • Look Outside In, Innovate

  • Give “Space” to every team member

  • Say, as often as possible, “I trust you” – that represents the difference between making somebody feel powerful or powerless;

  • Lead from the Heart to the Heart

  • Say Thank You

  • Smile as often as possible

I was lucky enough in my career to be surrounded most of the time by great leaders with whom I have learnt a lot. Those who inspired me, would practice that as naturally as breathing. But I know they have practiced that all their lives, none was “born leader”! And that is the essence of Leadership, practice, practice, practice – as easy (or complicated) as that.


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