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In a world where the the key Macro Trend is “More Sustainability”, leaders need to be fully aware of these new challenges and understand which are the key leadership practices that will help them steer the Businesses in such a complex environment. That is what my workshop “Building Sustainable Leadership” is all about. Two and a half days workshop, very pragmatic and “down to earth”.

At the end of the Workshop, you'll be able to understand :

a) CSR is not a Fad but un unstoppable Macro Trend.The world has moved on, CSR is no longer Philanthropy or even Risk Management, is about Shared Value Creation and goes much beyond Environment

b) Why is it important for CSR to be integrated in Corporate Strategies? Is there a clear Business Case for Action?

c) Which are the key Leadership Practices that are most relevant in delivering “Sustainable Performance”? Debate and undersstand Values, Vision, Challenge Processes, Trust&Heart

d) At the end, participants are expected to agree that the great leaders of tomorrow are those who will be, today, devoting their “souls and minds” to this unstoppable Macro Trend called Corporate Social Responsibility. “Sustainable Leadership” seems to be the key competence of the great leaders of tomorrow

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