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Science has done its job and has offered indisputable evidence that climate has dramatically changed, and the future of the planet is at risk. Those who still try to argue against will soon lose their last drop of credibility.

We have a serious political Leadership issue around the globe (with few exceptions) and time has come for us, citizens and consumers, to place our trust and hope in responsible business managers. Yes, I repeat, place our trust in responsible business managers. Only corporations have the resources, processes and skills to be a force for change and hopefully a force for good. It will be hard to carry on believing that Governments and politicians will change the path and pace of change.

We, citizens and consumers, take dozens of daily decisions on what to do to protect the environment and on what to buy. The first is about behaviours, the latter is about who do we buy from. And that may be the key: we, citizens and consumers, need, more than ever, to buy products and services from companies we know are making the difference in Sustainability. And the more we, citizens and consumers, make those buying options,, the more we will empower those businesses to drive the Sustainability agenda forward.

Business managers, specially in the last decade, have a serious credibility issue to deal with: there is still a lot of scepticism that “all they want is profit”. I believe things are changing…because we, citizens and consumers, are changing and demanding much more on “delivering Sustainability”. But we, citizens and consumers, need to be more and more vocal and “put our money where the mouth is”: supporting Responsible Businesses, is, in my mind, the only pragmatic way to make sure we can still save this planet.

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