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Tip for CEO’s: Suggestion of Inspirational Books

I have recently read two books (both from Oxford academics) which I can only recommend:

  1. Doughnuts Economics, by Kate Raworth. The author (newspaper Guardian calls her “Keynes of the 21st century”) proposes a new economic model to deal with current global challenges, one that allows all of us to thrive without destroying the Planet.

  2. Prosperity, by Colin Mayer. The author embraces the global macro trend that businesses, in order to survive, need to accept that the satisfaction of all relevant stakeholders, and not only shareholders, is paramount. Paul Polman (former CEO Unilever) calls it “essential reading for any who remain to be convinced that business can be a source for societal good”.

Both books are very inspiring for CEOs/Business Leaders, as companies get ready to face the ever growing environmental and social challenges.


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