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Outdoor clothing company Patagonia ( is one of the best examples of Sustainability Leadership.

One of those companies that we should all support. There is a clear leadership gap in politicians around the world and if we really want to give this Planet a chance, these are

the sort of Responsible Businesses that we, citizens and consumers, need to support.

Their last key Sustainability decision is a great example of leadership: since they have opposed Trump's recent tax cut, they have now committed the $10 million it saved from those tax cuts to nonprofit groups who work on conservation and climate issues.

“Taxes protect the most vulnerable in our society, our public lands and other life-giving resources", CEO Rose Marcario wrote in her Linkedin page. “In spite of this, the Trump administration initiated a corporate tax cut, threatening these services at the expense of our


Examples of other Sustainability decisions include:

- Black Friday advertisement telling consumers not to engage in empty consumption by purchasing its jackets.

- Launched a program called “Worn Wear,” which allows customers to pay for repairs to old items or trade them in for store credit.

- A day off for employees to go and vote on Election Day


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