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How to avoid “Greenwashing”

Communication on Sustainability is quite a hot topic and there is a word associated with it that identifies the "bad" behaviours: greenwashing. The concept basically refers to those Corporations who talk a lot about Sustainability but do very little. The following image (vertical axis meaning Sustainability Performance and horizontal axis representing Sustainability Communication) is a good way of positioning the issue.

My view is that no Company should attempt to move from Low Balance to High Balance. First, you need to move up on the vertical axis, improving all angles of Sustainability (in the holistic sense), and only then communicate what you are doing. Otherwise, it will be very easy to fall back to where you do not want to be - and be called a "greenwasher". In other words, go up and to the right, never to the right and then up. You will never go up, and most likely will be back to where you were (or even to a worse position, having damaged your reputation in the process).


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