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CATÓLICA-LISBON Strategic Management Program

As part of the Executive Education offer, CATÓLICA-LISBON has always developed very successful tailor-made programs. One of the key ones is the Strategic Management Program, designed specifically for Jerónimo Martins, which 7th edition is currently underway. On the top of a very inspiring week in Lisbon, the program also includes in partnership with Kellogg University, one week learning experience in Chicago. It was a pleasure and a privilege to have been invited as guest speaker at the dinner event, where the topic was "Responsible Business". It proved to be a very interactive session with a lot of great questions and discussion. No one dares to doubt these days that acting as a “Responsible Business”, in the holistic sense of the term, has now passed a point of no-return. Being a “Responsible Business” is certainly not a fad, but an unstoppable Macro Trend. Corporations can no longer avoid the fact that their actions (and omissions) will have a scrutinised impact in markets where they operate, and relevant stakeholders will hold them responsible for it. I was able to cover a) the Context (“How did we get here”), b) the Definitions (What does Corporate Social Responsibility and "Responsible Business" really mean? hat does it actually mean to be "sustainable"?), c) the Trends (The way so far for corporations; Is there a Business Case for Action? Is the link sustainable strategy to bottom line established? Sustainability as the “sustainable” competitive advantage? Two Cases mentioned: Black Rock and Unilever.

Well done CATÓLICA-LISBON and well done to this fantastic group of Jerónimo Martins professionals coming from Portugal, Poland and Colombia.


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