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Católica Lisbon School of Business & Economics, WEBINAR WITH NUNO MOREIRA DA CRUZ

"The webinars for social entrepreneurs are part of the EIB Institute & Católica-Lisbon Series on “SOCIAL INNOVATION, SCALING, AND IMPACT” developed by Católica-Lisbon and sponsored by EIB Institute for the SIT Alumni. These webinars allow participants to maintain focus on their learning journey, assess their progress on scaling and financing, as well as explore emerging topics."

"Sustainability needs to be at the core of any business strategy. In this Webinar, Nuno Moreira da Cruz will refer to examples of companies leading the way in different industries, the main trends and crucial leadership skills in this "new world”. Can Social entrepreneurs scale their impact by becoming key partners of established companies on their "Sustainability road map"? How?"

WEBINAR 12 | Responsible Business & Leadership - Now is the Time (14 October) Presented by Nuno Moreira da Cruz.

Register here:

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